Student internship

We know that professional experience is a crucial asset on the labour market! An internship is an integral part of your studies and can open the way for your career.

The main objective of the internship is to consolidate knowledge, acquire relevant skills and develop positive personality traits necessary for your future work. During your placement, you will receive key materials, including the ones for your thesis!

During your internship, you will familiarize yourself with:

  • a specific area of the organization, its structure and daily operations,
  • the tasks of divisions and units in the organization,
  • the rules of observing professional secrecy,
  • the organization of information and document flow,
  • the rules of cooperation with other employees.

Moreover you will:

  • present yourself to a potential employer,
  • gain valuable professional experience,
  • get to know the future work environment in a given industry,
  • gain important professional contacts.

Full-time and part-time students are required to do the internship The place of the internship should correspond with a specialization chosen by a student.

Students may be directed for the internship by the College, or they may choose the company independently (if  an employer will sign an agreement with the College). If the student works in a company related to the chosen specialty, he or she can apply for a pass a seniority as an undertaken internship.

Degree courseProfilePlacement duration
Cosmetologypracticalminimum 6 months
Dieteticspracticalminimum 6 months
Physiotherapy (uniform MA, studies from the academic year 2019/2020)practical1 560 teaching hours

The internships are an integral part of the curriculum, including the study plan, and are scheduled as classes in the course of the educational cycle in individual semesters and as the holiday internships.

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