Once you graduate

As a graduate in cosmetology, you gain:

  • interdisciplinary knowledge of medicine, chemistry, pharmacy and health sciences with particular emphasis on the issues of skin care cosmetology, beautifying cosmetology, therapeutic cosmetology as well as cosmetic formula and fragrances,
  • preparation for cooperation with a dermatologist in the field of healthy and problematic skin care,
  • preparation for proper maintenance of equipment and apparatus used in cosmetology,
  • the ability to read cosmetic formulas and determine the impact of cosmetic preparations on the skin and human body,
  • practical skills for effective use of the gained knowledge at work,
  • preparation for work in beauty salons as well as organizing, equipping and running a beauty salon independently,
  • the basics of management and marketing of cosmetic services.

After graduation you can open your own beauty salon or work in:

  • beauty salons,
  • Wellness and SPA centres,
  • biological renewal clinics,
  • beauty companies,
  • cosmetic departments of pharmacies,
  • cosmetic laboratories,
  • beauty schools,
  • editorial offices of magazines and trade portals.
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