Enrollment of foreigners

A candidate applying for admission to a first degree programme and the long-cycle Master’s degree programme should submit the required set of enrollment documents.

The candidate is also required to submit:

  • foreign language documents translated into Polish by a sworn translator entered in the list of sworn translators owned by the Ministry of Justice or the Polish consul in the country where the document was issued
  • in case of candidates who are minors, the consent of the parents /legal guardians is required for a minor to study

If you are a foreigner and want to take up first degree studies or long-cycle Master’s degree studies at Gdansk College of Health, check whether your certificate can be recognised under an international agreement. Information on which certificates are recognised by law and do not require additional formalities can be found on the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Otherwise a nostrification procedure will be required.
Secondary education certificates obtained outside Poland must have an apostille or be legalised.

Legalisation and nostrification of foreign education documents

Apostille – is a certification of signature authenticity on a public document issued in a given country. If the country of issue is a party to the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (Journal of Laws of 2005 No. 112, item 938) the legalisation of the document is replaced by an apostille certificate attached to the document.

Legalisation – if the country in which the document was issued is not a party to the above mentioned convention, then the legalisation is performed by the Polish consular institution in that country.

Nostrification of secondary education certificates – If a certificate has been issued in a country with which Poland is not bound by an agreement on the recognition of education, then the document must be legalised by nostrification. The foreign secondary school-leaving certificate shall be validated by local educational authorities having jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence and, in case the applicant has no place of residence in Poland, the local educational authorities having jurisdiction over the head office of the institution where the applicant applies for admission.

Attention! Detailed information on legalization of documents necessary to undertake studies in Poland is available on the website.

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