Cosmetology – Bachelor Studies in English

As the only university in Pomerania offering the opportunity to study cosmetology, we invite you to study with us at the bachelor’s level. Full-time and extramural modes of study are available.

Cosmetology as a profession has been known since ancient times, but only in recent years has the demand for beauty and health specialists, increased. Cosmetology is a field that combines aspects of different areas – dermatology, aesthetic medicine, anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, allergology, physiotherapy and many others, all intrinsic to the human body, and thus also to medicine. Our goal is to prepare our students for being professional cosmetologists. We want to teach you how to become specialists in this field.

The learning outcomes we aim to achieve are both theoretical and practical. Knowledge is essential for the proper exercise of one’s profession. Classes in professionally equipped laboratories supervised by highly qualified specialists working in the beauty and medical industries will help you achieve high results. While studying cosmetology, you will learn how the body functions, you will discover the secrets of the human body and the rules that govern it. We will teach you how to select treatments for specific cases, how to perform them correctly and when not to do them.

You will learn the operating rules of specialized equipment used in cosmetology: when to use it and how to use it. You will find out how to perform podology treatments and how to deal with various podological problems. You will learn how to make your own cosmetics based on  a formula by making appropriate chemical calculations. You will also find out how to determine the influence of the ingredients of a given cosmetic product on biochemical processes in the skin. You will learn the principles of analysing the influence of various stimuli on the human body, including aromatherapy. You will gain the knowledge necessary to diagnose medical conditions and learn how to cooperate with specialists in this field.

You will also find out how the canon of beauty has changed over the years, what used to be considered tasteful and what still is today. You will learn how to do different types of makeup and  what to consider when proposing a customised look. We will show you how to be a good cosmetologist – emphatic and customer-friendly, knowing and following ethical rules and capable of managing your own beauty salon.

Make the world more beautiful, take care of your future – join us!

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